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Club Update – 11th December 2020

As the Social Club is having to operate within tier 2 restrictions, we are doing our utmost to make this work for all concerned. The safety and well-being of both members and staff is vitally important to us.

This weekend we have extended our opening hours, plus we have added a few little cheeky tempters to our menu, not to mention Mario’s world famous and critically acclaimed Corned Beef Hash!

We really hope to welcome as many of you as possible this weekend – come eat, drink & be merry, members and their guests are most welcome.

Friday-11th December, we are open 12 Noon-9.00 pm.

Friday menu:

Hot bacon or hot sausage sandwich with chips £4. Scampi & chips with peas or salad £8:50. Plain omelette & chips with side salad £5. Beef burger, chips & side salad £6:50.

Cheeseburgers add on 50p. Chicken burger, chips & side salad £7:50. Monster burger, chips & side salad £8:50 (Extra fillings of bacon and cheese and ham for 50p each.)

Ham, egg & chips £6:50. 3 sausages & chips with beans or peas £6:50.

Saturday-12th December we are open 12 Noon-9.00 pm

Saturday Menu:

Mario’s famous homemade Corned Beef Hash. £4 Hot bacon or hot sausage sandwich with chips £4. Plain omelette, chips & side salad £5.

Beef burger, chips & side salad £6:50. Cheeseburger add on 50p. Chicken burger, chips & side salad £7:50. Monster burger, chips & side salad £8:50

(Extra fillings of bacon and cheese and ham for 50p each)

Ham, egg & chips £6:50.  Scampi & chips with peas or salad £8:50. 3 sausages & chips with either beans or peas £6:50.

Sunday-13th December we are open 12 Noon-.8.00 pm

Sunday menu: 

Turkey, beef, or lamb roasts £9:95. Hot bacon or hot sausage sandwich with chips £4. Beef burger, chips & side salad £6:50. Cheeseburger add on 50p

Chicken burger & chips with side salad £7:50. Monster burger & chips with side salad £8:50

Please note that the kitchen closes one hour before closing.

We very much look forward to seeing you


Noise Management Plan


The Club has been functioning for the benefit of Health Authority Staff and the Local Community for 60 years.  The Club is, however, mindful that the physical environment surrounding the main Club House has changed dramatically in recent years, with the volume of residential housing in the area increasing, as well as the opening of a Children’s Unit nearby.

The Club has produced this Noise Management Plan (the Plan) to record its approach to managing noise that emanates from the Club as a result of its diverse range of activities.

The aim of the Plan is to inform the Club’s members and the local community that the Club considers noise to be a serious matter and will do its utmost to monitor and control the levels of noise for all, so that it operates harmoniously within the local community.

The Club has sought professional advice from a member of the Institute of Acoustics to assist with the management of noise when using Public Address Systems (PA’s) and holding events with Live Music.

There are three basic concepts to managing noise:-

● Reduce noise at source;
● Prevent noise escaping; and
● Noise Management.The following sections outline the Club’s plan to control and manage noise.

Members and Staff 

All staff (including current and new staff) will be trained on all aspects of Noise Management in their roles to ensure that the Plan is fully and successfully implemented. The Club aim to increase and maintain staff awareness relating to noise management issues by inclusion in their regular training and updates at Staff Meetings.

The Club will ensure that notices are prominent on all exit doors asking customers to keep the noise down and respect our neighbours.

The Use of PA’s and Live Music

The Club engaged an independent sound specialist to assist with noise management relating to the use of PA’s and Live Music (a copy of this report is attached).

As a result of this, live bands and DJ’s /Discos will now be situated in front of the fireplace facing towards the bar in the lounge bar.  Any deviation from this policy will require House and Bar Committee agreement.   The Club will be installing triple glazing to the top windows in the main hall area.

The car park doors are alarmed and are not in use after 20:00.  Heavy curtains will be drawn across these doors to further reduce the level of noise leaving the building.

Staff will carry out checks at the boundary of the nearest noise sensitive properties.

The Club have installed a Noise Limiter that cuts off power to PA’s if a certain level of noise is sustained for more than approximately one minute.  Bands and discos will be enforced to use the designated electrical plugs that enable this noise monitoring system to function correctly.

The Club have a licence to sell alcohol and play music between the following hours:

12.00 to 23.00 Monday to Thursday

12:00 to 24:00 Friday and Saturday

12:00 to 22:30 Sunday

However, the Club has decided that it will not play live music or have live bands that play after 23.30 which is generally Fridays and Saturdays.

Rental Of Halls

The Club rents two halls to local community groups for a wide range of activities relating to health and well-being such as slimming, heart health, aikido, and fitness classes.

Within the terms and conditions of these rental agreements the Club have required that any amplified music is kept to an appropriate low level.

Delivery of Goods, Collection of Waste, Cleaning and Bottling Out 

Deliveries from suppliers will be restricted to between 08:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday, not on Public Holidays.

Bottle emptying will be undertaken between 08:00 and 19:00 Monday to Friday.

If required at the weekend this will be between 10:00 and 16:00

Outside Areas and Smoking Areas 

The Car Park Patio area and the rear Beer Garden are used for outside seating but the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in these areas.  Notices are in place in these areas to remind our members and customers that they should respect our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum.  These areas will not be used after 20:00.

Smoking areas are to the front and rear of the building.  Notices are in place in these areas to remind members and customers to respect our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum.

No music is played in these areas.

The Club’s car park is locked after closing times on Sunday to Thursday evening for security reasons and to reduce vehicle movements overnight. This reduces potential for noise.

Community Notification and Complaint Process 

If you have any concerns about noise please contact the Club in one of the following ways:-

Phone  :      01444 458609 (and ask for the senior member of staff on duty)

Email    : or

Write to :      St Francis Social Club at the address above

Noise complaints will be dealt with by the Chairman of the Club or the Honorary General Secretary and all complaints received will be reported and minuted at the following Executive Committee Meeting.

Ongoing Review

The Noise Management Plan will be reviewed and updated regularly, not least in the following circumstances:-

● Following a complaint
● Prior to launching new entertainment
● When alterations to the Main Club House are proposed
● When monitoring procedures identify that controls are inadequate

Club Update: 3rd July 2020 

We’re nearly there – At 12 Noon, 4th July the social club will reopen!!

In line with Government guidelines, all the staff supported by several committee members have worked extremely hard to prepare the club for the reopening.

Please respect all the measures we have had to put in place in order to reopen safely and please be patient with all the staff and help them to help you enjoy a safe return to your club.

Please read our update of 29th June 2020 for full reopening details but here are a few key reminders:

  • For at least the first month, the club will be open to existing members only and not guests or under 18’s.
  • Please do not FORGET to bring your membership cards and be prepared to sign in every time you visit the club.
  • Until further notice, no food will be available but our usual bar snacks (crisps, peanuts etc) will be on offer
  • Please pay with contactless cards, wherever possible

Further Updates

  • We anticipate opening up new membership applications from Monday July 13th and will update further over the course of the next week’.

Revised Opening & Closing Times

  • Until further notice the Club will be operating with revised opening and closing times as below:
    • Monday-Thursday:  4.00 pm to 11.00 pm
    • Friday/Saturday:      12 Noon to 11.00 pm
    • Sunday:                      12 Noon to 10.30 pm
Club Announcement-Monday 29th June 2020

Welcome back to our members!

Following the recent Government announcement to allow pubs and clubs to reopen, we are pleased to announce that we will be reopening our doors on Saturday 4th July @ 12 Noon.

Whilst we appreciate that some members will not feel quite ready to spread their wings just yet, there are others that cannot wait to get back to the club and enjoy a proper pint of draught beer or whatever their tipple may be whilst enjoying good company.

We will however be restricting our opening hours during the week and full details of these hours will be published very shortly.

Please look at the detail below – We have obviously had to make some changes to the way we run your club, which is in line with Government guidance in order to keep everyone as safe as possible while still being able to enjoy the club. We may need to make further changes to how we operate as circumstances change but we will give you plenty of notice.

To make sure we can keep you and our staff safe – we are going to need your help!

  • For at least the first month, the club will be open to members only and not guests or under 18’s, however we will be reviewing both conditions on a regular basis.
  • Members will be asked to sign in every time they visit the club either at the main entrance or at the lounge bar before they can order any drinks. You will be required to provide your full name, membership card, contact number & email address-please always have these details available to avoid any delays for you or other members.
  • Members will be requested to enter the club via the main club entrance and exit via the sports bar side entrance, as per the clear signage that will be in place.
  • There will be hand sanitiser dispensers at each door and at other points in the club and we ask that you continue to use these as and when you pass these points.
  • Whilst we find our feet, we will not be opening the kitchen until further notice but our usual crisps, peanuts etc will be on offer
  • In line with the revised social distancing guidelines, the club will be only offering table service. (standing or congregating at the bar is not permitted) Members will be requested to order their drinks & snacks at order points in each bar with their drinks etc being delivered to their table. All order points will be clearly signposted.
  • There will be signage to point out the best way to move around the club, reminding us all our responsibilities in ensuring a safe environment. Please respect social distancing and personal space as some people may be less comfortable than others about social distancing
  • Pending the outcome of a license variation application for our outside areas, drinks can still only be consumed inside the club and not in our outside areas.
  • As we will be only offering table service at this time, tables & chairs have been carefully arranged to maximise social distancing of 1m+. We kindly ask members not to move any furniture for these reasons.
  • For the time being and to maximise the use of our space the use of the club’s pool tables & dart boards will not be allowed. This will be reviewed on a regular basis.
  • All members are encouraged to pay with contactless cards, wherever possible

Welcome back, enjoy your club and please appreciate and respect all the measures we have had to introduce above (which will be reviewed regularly) in order to reopen the club safely for you and our staff.

Please be patient with all the staff and help them to help you enjoy a safe return to your club.

Fred Gasson-Chairman, St Francis Social & Sports Club


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