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Welcome to our Poll section, St Francis Social Club is gathering their members input into what they would like to see showcase at the Club, so share your thoughts and feedback below.
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Car Parking at St Francis Social Club


Whilst we sympathise with the lack of parking for NHS staff and residents alike, the Club has recently spent a considerable amount of money on resurfacing our car park, which is specifically for the use of our members, guests and class participants whilst using the Club’s facilities. 


Our concern is that we have seen an increased number of vehicles taking up valuable spaces that are neither member's or users of the club facilities at the time.  This occasionally results in genuine users of the Club not being able to park in the Club car park which is not helpful or fair to our members. 


We have therefore taken the necessary decision to implement car parking controls in the form of CCTV withing the Club car park. Terminals are to be placed within the club and paid up members will only need to input their vehicle registration number once a year to be compliant. 


Guests will need to enter their registration details each visit using the fixed terminals, or using QR codes situated in various places around the premises. Regular class users can have their vehicle details input in the database by class instructors/leaders on mass. You will need to speak to your relevant class leader to do this. 


Please note that the Club will not receive any proceeds from the parking fines and that this initiative is to ensure that members and users of our facilities benefit from free on-site parking when using the Club. 


Should you have any questions relating to any of the above please email 

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